Whitetop Public Library Extends Gratitude to GigaBeam for Enhancing Digital Access

Whitetop Public Library is delighted to extend its heartfelt appreciation to Giga Beam, a leading internet service provider, for their invaluable support in bringing enhanced digital connectivity to our community. Through their generous provision of internet services for public use computers and Wi-Fi access at our Whitetop Library location, Giga Beam has significantly enriched the technological resources available to our patrons.

In an increasingly digital world, access to high-quality internet connectivity has become essential for individuals to fully engage in educational, professional, and recreational pursuits. Giga Beam’s partnership has enabled us to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all members of our community have the opportunity to access information, explore online resources, and participate in various online activities.

Giga Beam’s commitment to fostering digital inclusion aligns seamlessly with Wythe-Grayson Regional Library’s mission to empower individuals through knowledge and information. This collaboration has allowed us to enhance the overall library experience and expand the horizons of possibilities for our patrons.  “It has been a delight working with Giga Beam, from customer service to the installers. Whitetop Public Library has an incredibly fast network. I have to say it was fun doing a speed check.” says Mary Thomas, Library Director, “I would like to thank Adam Blankenship (Giga Beam) for working with us to enhance our Internet services that the Whitetop Library provides to the community.” 

The partnership with Giga Beam marks an important milestone in our continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge services to our community. As we move forward, we remain committed to exploring innovative ways to enhance digital literacy and support lifelong learning.

The public is invited to experience the enhanced digital connectivity at our Whitetop Library location and explore the myriad opportunities it brings for personal growth and development.