How do I – Get a library Card? and other borrowing questions.

You can get a card at any of the Wythe-Grayson Regional Library location. You will need to bring a photo ID and proof of current residence. You will need to fill out a Library Card Application.

Due to COVID-19, WGRL is offering library cards to Wythe County & Grayson County Public Schools for free access to eBooks and educational websites.

Click here to get your students library card! With their own library card it opens up a whole new world of eReading, eLearning, and eResearch for children ages K-12! Once you have filled out the card application, we ask that you please send it to so we can get your information processed!


Who is eligible?

At what age can a child get a library card?

What could prevent me from getting a library card.?

What does it mean when my card is blocked?

Does a library card have an expiration date?

What do I do if I have a card, but it has expired?

Where can I use my library card?

I live do not live in either county, will I need to pay for a library card?

Why has my card stopped working